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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

Originally Posted by mommieofpees View Post
Put him in underwear and regular clothes, you will still need to initate potty trips every thiry mins or so still though. If he has an accident he will have the wet sensation, and his clothes will be wet. after he has a few accidents and realizes he doesnt like the feeling he will want to use the potty more.
And when he DOESN'T realize that he dislikes the wet feeling? What then? Back when we were in cloth diapers, he was in coverless prefolds at home, so he DEFINITELY had the wet feeling, and didn't care then, and I highly doubt he'll care now.

Actually, I'm 100% sure he won't care about a wet sensation now. Whenever we go to church, he likes to get a drink at the water fountain, but the angle is such that quite a bit dribbles down his chin and the entire front of his shirt is soaked. He doesn't care about THAT and just goes on with his day, and THAT is cold water, so why would a little bit of warm pee bother him?
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