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Originally Posted by Mom2lucy

I'm curious too. And any websites that state WHY you don't retract foreskin and such? DH is insisting you retract if poop gets in there....
Think of it in terms of the finger nail analogy. You don't rip your entire finger nail away from your nail bed to clean underneath it. You clean what is not attached and leave the rest alone because since it IS attached, nothing is gathering under there that should be removed. As your nail gets longer, and more is exposed and not entirely attached, you continue to clean all that isn't attached. I can get poop under my nail, but it won't go into my nail bed because there is no way for it to get there.

Same with foreskin. You clean what is seen and exposed to the elements. As your son plays with his penis and foreskin, and begins retracting it on his own, you'll teach him how to properly rinse it as more becomes unattached.

For more information, you can browse medical sites and look for forceful foreskin retraction and the possible issues it can cause.

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