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Re: freezer cooking?

This is a great thread! I've never been great at consistently cooking meals, although I'm getting better (minus my 1st trimester that I just recovered from . So, I've never done freezer meals until I did one a few months ago. I just doubled a recipe and we ate the freezer one a few weeks later. I've been working on getting ideas and more recipes, etc. so that I can do more freezer meals. This is my third and our budget will be tighter than ever, so I definitely need to be prepared.

I've found most of my new recipes and freezer meal ideas through pinterest, which then brings me to some pretty awesome blogs about cooking and food prep. I really love the idea about freezing crock pot ingredients. Especially since that requires less time in prep which means I'll be more likely to do it. Unfortunately, I don't have room in my freezer for much more than maybe a week tops (if I stuff it) of meals...maybe if we get the extra cash I'll be keeping an eye out for a deep freezer. That would be awesome!

Sometimes I just stock up on stuff st Costco. Obviously, I prefer homemade b/c it's less preservatives, but sometimes I have to choose my battles if we want to avoid eating out which cost more $ and can usually be more unhealthy (if you're eating cheap).

I will be sure to share any recipes I found. I know the enchilada recipe that Veann linked to earlier, is really yummy! That is what I made when I did my first freezer meal and it turned out great!
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