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Re: 4 year olds... enough said?

I have a nearly 5 year old boy and a nearly 4 year old boy, I SO get it!

For me these behaviors come out the most when they are either looking for more attention, or are bored.

Giving them activities to do and sticking to a routine helps tremendously. That doesn't mean I plan out craft projects for them every single day, but maybe talk with my nearly 4 year old about what he wants to do, and get him started on it before I walk away to do something else.

The cleaning thing drives me a little crazy, we've started cleaning up every single toy 3 times a day (before lunch, mid afternoon before daddy comes home, and before bed) and then it doesn't seem so overwhelming or take as long, so the tantrums are a little less.

We stay very consistent on our discipline, no empty threats, no special privileges, and consequences (usually a time out) for acting out or not following directions.

I know it will probably be something else soon, but I cannot wait to be out of this stage!
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