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Re: Prepping for baby

Wow, I must be a little OCD here, because I really don't "need" to do anything! I have the diapers I need, have all the infant and boy stuff I can deal with, and really if DS came today we could make do. Not that I want him to, a little early and all! But since I have time (I hope!) I would like to get the nursery organized and freeze some more meals. But hubby is the better cook and the moms group I'm in brings meals to everyone who has a new baby, so we'll be well fed one way or another! Plus the baby will sleep in our room for a few weeks/months so the nursery could wait to. Gosh I hope my nesting instinct kicks in one of these days lol!

It will all get done mamas! And if it doesn't, you can make it work anyway
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