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Re: Annoying comments?

LOL these are making me laugh so hard! I mean seriously, you would NEVER think of saying this stuff to people who are not pregnant, why say it now?????

I get a lot of, "wow, you sure have your hands full!" and of course the all time favorite "HOW many more weeks do you have left (staring at my belly like it's going to swallow them alive)"

I was pregnant at a wedding reception a couple years ago and about 6 months along. We were in the buffet line when the lady in front of me turned just far enough to see me and then BACKED AWAY from me asking "wow, when are you due?" Don't worry sweetheart, I'm not going to pop this baby out on your plate.

Since this is #3 I've pretty much gotten used to what people say. I also now know that since I'm not that tall and don't have a long torso, the only place for this baby to go is OUT, so I always look bigger than others. Fine by me, it gets the baby here! The only comment that really still gets under my skin is the gender comments. This is going to be our 3rd boy. So people will say, "oh...another boy huh...are you going to try for a girl next time?" Or some people in my family have actually expressed how upset they were that this will not be a girl. It's a beautiful new baby, a new life, and I happen to think that my other two boys are pretty awesome, I have no doubts that this one will be as well. I'm thrilled to be welcoming our 3rd boy and I could care less if I ever do have a girl! Keep those comments to yourself!
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