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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I personally am a minimalist and have been since my late teens really. I am just not super into stuff. I grew up with a mom who is a hoarder and a dad who used to be pretty close to a minimalist (although he has strayed as he has gotten older) and I was just always drawn to my dad's way of life.
When I started having kids everything went crazy and we ended up with WAY more stuff than any one person needs for our oldest. I kept it better for DS and started the journey to have my family live a minimalist lifestyle right before our youngest was born (she is 14 months old). For me it just seems like the right way to be. I am not sure how to explain it but I have just always been kinda simple. I wear the same pair of shoes everyday, I wear the same jeans almost every day, I wear a band shirt most days (have 5 and just switch between them). When I decided to get serious about this I realized just how much stuff had made its way into our home without really realizing it.
Minimalist just seems right to me and the quicker cleaning is an awesome bonus!
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