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Re: March 2011 mamas - How many words does your baby say?

DS is just 17 months old. (3-29-11). He's only started saying more words in the last month. Before that he was really limited, but now he is copying what we say. He "talks" gibberish all the time though. He said mama and dada early and then that was about it. Now he says: go, down, ball, mama, dada, hi, bye, dog, cow, barn, kitty, boots (SIL's cat), mine, no, ow, more, book, red, blue, swing. He can do a few things on command, like get a book. He also knows what things are even if he doesn't say it. We tried sign but daycare doesn't do it and we weren't very consistent. He can nod his head and sign food and more.

I was worried, but then our pediatrician said that it is normal for boys to be a bit slower with language than girls and not to worry, but just keep talking to him all the time about everything.

DS was also tongue tied, but I had his cut because of nursing issues. He had frequent ear infections from November until June too, so I wonder if that had some affect on his speech.
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