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Re: Not happy with our elementary school!

In our area, the school districts all either have their own bus systems or they contract with an outside bus company. In either event, the school is made aware of which bus the kids are supposed to get on, but otherside, pretty much all transportation issues are the responsibility of the bus company.

First of all, I would not fault a school for not jumping on the first day of school. My kids attend a small (only 100 families - 220 kids in k-8). We have attended there for 7 years now and I definitely avoid trying to get firm answers on anything on the first day back. Even at such a small school, there are still many things going on on the first day of school.

I have never had to provide identification to get my children off of the bus. I don't know anyone who has. So, I'm not sure what you expected the driver to do in that regard. I would expect my 5 year olds to recognize their parents and to be able to tell the bus driver that - yes, I belong to this person.

I would contact the bus garage to learn more about their procedures.
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