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Originally Posted by mrspopo
I have used grovia AIOs & hybrids, and freetimes. Both kinds of Grovias take forever to dry here. The freetimes did airdry for us in about the same amount of time pockets take.

As far as simplicity and convenience goes, I definitely like the grovia AIOs. They stay put, they're absorbant and fit great. I didn't like the hybrids because I didn't like the extra steps of a 2 part system and I couldn't get the inserts tucked inside very easily. The freetime isn't too bad but it still takes an extra step to fold it out of the wash, and would easily come unfolded when being handled. It's also kinda confusing to explain to others.
That might be alright anyway. I've got a dehumidifier and a fan that blows directly on the drying rack. Thanks mama!
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