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Before I was a parent, I could party all night, get 2 hours of sleep and go to work the next day and then do it all over again. Now, if I get less than 5 hours of sleep you do not want to know me.

Before I was a parent, I didn't think twice about going to a fancy restaurant with my friends and spending $100 on a bottle of wine. Now, I cringe at spending $25 on take out.

Before I was a parent, I dressed in high heels and mini skirts. Now....there's no way. You cant run after kids in heels and short skirts!

Before I was a parent, it was all sex, drugs and alcohol. Now it's all Sesame Street, diapers and ABCs.

Before I was a parent, I couldn't cook a thing. Now I can shop, plan and cook dinner. Take that!

Before I was a parent, I was VIP. At the local clubs, I knew the bouncers and the bartenders. I got in free, no line and free drinks. Now I'm still VIP, very important parent to 2 really awesome kiddos.

I love my life now. Add yours!
Wife to DH and mommy to DD (12/07) and DS (2/11)

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