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Need co-sleeping advice for my wiggle worm!

So, I love co-sleeping, but lately things just aren't working out. My baby is almost 3 months old, and has started wiggling around all night long. Some nights she even decides that it's daddy night and will constantly roll into him, or kick him, which of course causes him to keep moving father away, until he's falling off the bed! Those are the nights neither of us get any sleep, usually it's just me.

I started thinking that maybe we should look into getting one of those side car sleepers for her, so she could have her own space, but still be close to me. But when looking them up I found that you aren't supposed to use them once the baby can pull himself up to his knees, at about 5 months. It doesn't seem like a good investment to get something that can only be used for 2 more months. Plus what are we supposed to do after that? We have a queen sized bed, and things are already starting to get rather crowded. I really want to co-sleep until she's at least a year old.

Have any of you dealt with something like this before? What did you do? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Except of course, moving her out!
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