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Re: Support thread for those of us due later in the month (and might go till October)

I'm going to be patient too. With all 3 of my babies there was pressure on me to get them out (various reasons that I won't go into) and I ended up having my membranes stripped, taking castor oil (worked every time) and once had the foley balloon. I'm in my dear friend's wedding 10 days after my due date but I refuse to stress over it. She is a TOTAL sweetheart , not at all a bridezilla and it's not an issue if I have to drop out last minute. I was pregnant when she asked me so she stipulated that I couldn't stress and couldn't feel bad if I ended up not being able to be in it. Of course I'm hoping he comes on time or a few days early (DS2 came at 39 weeks exactly) but I'm not willing to push my body into labor this time. I'm hoping that waiting will also give me a shorter, easier labor and that I can FINALLY have my water break naturally.
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