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Re: c-section birth plan?

I was planning on a VBAC with my second, but I put in a c/s part just in case. Which was good, because I had to have a c/s.

On there I put stuff that I wanted that I did not get the first time around. For example, I HATE being tied down. It makes me super anxious/freak out. I asked for my arms to be free, and I got that (yay!)

I asked for a certain stitch for my uterus (the super strong one?) and for actual stitches rather than staples for the others. Sooooo much better! I hated the staples.

Outside of that, not much else was different. Baby with dad/me the whole time, no circ, breastfeeding, yada yada.

I know some people ask for the drape to be lowered/to see the birth, but for me, I am not interested in watching my own surgery. Seeing myself cut open would be too much. As it is, just feeling the pressure and pulling freaks me out.

Sending you lots of good sticky baby vibes!
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