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Re: August 27 weekly chat

Originally Posted by bohemianxchaos View Post
Mu bff is leaving tomorrow. This baby outcooked her 3 week stay. Argh.

'Smartphone' approved
I hope you enjoyed your time with your bff, even if there was no baby.

Any update, thekuan??

I was hoping last night would be the night. Sooo much pressure, and my back was killing me! But I woke up to nothing again. DH was hoping not to go to work today. lol. Hoping this baby comes today, but for purely selfish reasons. If the baby is born tomorrow that's a whole 'nother year of day care because s/he'll have to wait a year to go to kindergarten.

DH told me last night he wished I didn't have to go back to work. He's enjoying having a personal secretary to take care of booking his mom's flight down, write up a mortgage amendment for our land, create the menu and grocery list for the week, etc. I've mentioned before how wonderful it would be if I could stay home someday, but this is the first time he's ever seen the benefits. We'll look at our situation when we have a 2nd child, but I'm definitely going back to work after this one. I do love my job. Hopefully when we have our second we'll have a house on our land and my job can be raising the kids and homesteading. I don't think I could stay home all day every day in a townhouse though. I would go crazy!

Mo- did you encapsulate your pills or have them done for you? Any tips? DH will be doing the process for me. I <3 him!! How many do you take daily?

I got everything done on my to-do list yesterday and it felt great to cross everything off!! Time to get started on today's list. I'll also include some cleaning... maybe that will encourage baby to come on down. But if I'm feeling good and baby still isn't here this afternoon I'm headed to the office for some birthday cake for one of my co-workers.
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