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Originally Posted by Nerissa
I haven't read all the responses so here is my take

After fighting, batteling, bribing, for over a year with DS to potty train him, since I listened to everyone else that said he is 2 he needs to be potty trained I refused to do it the 2nd time.

DS2 was in diapers until he was ready. About a month before he turned 3 i started asking sometime he said yes and went other times he didn't. No big deal. Couple weeks before turning 3 we did naked time at home. He did great. Still diapers for daycare/out and about. then after about a month I tried underware and he has had maybe 2 accidents.

It was a much better situation for everyone involved.

I really don't care that he was 3. I refuse to basically potty train myself so take him tot he potty every X amout of time so he doesn't have an accident. That is just stupid IMO. I also firmly believe in not forcing the issue on a child. They will potty train when they are ready. No amount of force, bribery, threats, ect will change that.
Exactly!!! My ds was almost 3 (and I was pg with ds2) and one day he just got it!! He had maybe 3 accidents after he trained. It wasn't stressful at all!

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