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Re: How much homework does your First grader have?

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
Couldn't you supplement homework for your 5th grader? He might annoyed at first but he'll get used to it. Like you said, it's good prep for later.
Originally Posted by momtojande View Post
I think if I'd gotten all my work done in class, and then I'd come home and my mom punished me for it by giving me extra work, she'd have had a seriously rebellious kid on her hands. And I was not rebellious at all. If he's doing a good job taking care of his work efficiently at school, then he's earned his free time.
I had thought about this but he does get all A's and reads every chance he gets. I have thought about having him do some lapbooks on historical topics since he really likes history. I will suggest he play some educational games online while yds is doing homework and he will or he will ask if he can finish his book instead. I am going to ask his teacher about math as well. He has 90 minutes for math and he said he is always the first one finished so he reads the rest of the hour. The teacher spends that time helping others who are having trouble so I don't think he is being challenged in math. It is still early in the school year though so it may get more challenging as the year goes on. I do not want him to be like me and have a fairly easy time through high school and then when I got to college I had no idea how to study. This is the only reason I wish he had some type of homework but I know he does not need busy work.

ETA: I would not do this with my 5th grader if he really doesn't want to and it would be more of a weekend project if we did do the lapbook, not a nightly requirement. He is constantly reading about the Civil War and looking up information on it so a lapbook would be an easy way for him to keep track of what he's looking up.
Also the boys have a couple of science experiment books they use occasionally on their own.

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