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Re: How much homework does your First grader have?

Originally Posted by blackbirdmama*3 View Post
I don't remember ever really having homework in school unless I had missed for something.

That would have been great. Even in college I got the professors that wanted you to write(don't type because then you can copy and paste) out the "key words" for multiple chapters like 3x- sometimes even the night before a test, do it all again. I get that some children/people will not "study" unless they are somehow forced to, but to me it was a PIA- it's not how I learn, but I was forced to suck it up, make me write a paper and be done with it, not something so mindless that's just sucking away time. Anywho whine whine whine, glad that's over with, I just don't look forward to my kids having to do it (if when it happens)
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