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MakeOffer!Super Cute Girly trainers and 2 Boyish Ditto Daddy boxer trainers

Make an offer!!!! Prices doesn't include shipping.

2 Ditto Daddy boxer trainers. I don't see a size, I would say a 2t/3t.These are not waterproof... The have a snap-in insert. They are well loved, but still work good. $6 each

2 Sm/md. WAHM Covers $8 each
I used these as a trainer...just add an insert...reminds me of a flip or best bottom.

2 WAHM Large Trainers...These are fleece soakers and I added snaps to it to make it a trainer. The snap-in inserts are microfiber. This works great for a daytime trainer $8 each

Inside the trainer

Size 2 Piddle Poddles in pink camo. These are pull snaps
One has some staining haven't tried to get it out,bought these of the FSOT and they were to big $7 each

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