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Yeah we would like to avoid court and co-parent together but that has yet to work out in the past, mom has brought us to court several times I think we have been like 9x and the result is typically the same no change or we get more time (only one time she got 50/50-other than that we have always had more time)
Unfortunatley we may have to return to court the problem is that in CA the volume is so high and the manpower is low that I don't think the court care about little things even if it is contact info.
We have a court order that is pretty specific but mom doesnt follow it and when we filled contempt it ended up getting dismissed due to an error in the court date not being within 45 of course then she thinks she gets away with it and continues to break the court order.
The counselor has offered to go to court or send in his observations when we return which will look great on our part because she has not participated in the year he has been seeing the counselor.
So we are back at square one 9 years later and a child stuck in the middle.
Its just hard when there is no reality with her she thinks she doesn't have to parent with us or with his father for that matter but yet continually places the child in the middle.
Very sad situation!

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