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SO wants to know sex but you don't/vice versa?

Is anyone else in the same boat? I really want this to be a surprise, even though I had a dream that it was a boy so secretly I want to know just to see if my dream was right. (Since it was with both my previous girl pregnancies) but I'd be totally OK with waiting IF my hubby wasn't adamant about finding out. I have a few things in my favor:
1. He will have to work and cannot take the day off (for the ultrasound)
2. I have the choice to have the tech write down/print off photo or not

I didn't want him to know and not me, since I don't think he would be able to go the rest of the pregnancy without either:
1. telling someone else (which come on, why would everyone else in the family know and not the mom)
2. blowing it somehow when we talk names, I start knitting/sewing/etc

I have a feeling though if I don't come home with the result he will be mad and upset with me. I gave him a compromise since there's a chance he may have to go OOT (8+ hr drive away) for 3 weeks in January/February and therefore depending on when it happens he might not be in town when I'm due (highly unlikely but still a chance) that I would have the tech put the photo in an envelope and IF he has to go up north around the time I would go into labor he could have the envelope and find out then since he wouldn't be there for the birth. That was not good enough

So if you're in the same court, what is the plan?

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