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Re: Moving Saturday!

Originally Posted by wordbox View Post
That's wonderful, good luck with the move! While moving isn't exactly "fun," I have always loved that fresh new start feeling that I had. I love unpacking, too, and getting to set up things in a new place.
Yes! I actually love moving b/c of that reason! The longest place I've lived in my whole life was 2.5 years. I think I got used to moving growing up, and as an adult, I pretty much move for new jobs or b/c of a new baby. I started out in a 1 bedroom apt, then 2 bed, then 3 bed, then got divorced went back to a 1 bedroom apt for me and 3 girls, then 2 bedroom and had my 4th dd. Then moved to AZ to 3 bedroom, had my 5th dd and moving to 4 bedroom. We could never, ever afford a house like this in Cali, it would be in the $2500 range or more for a similar house in a similar neighborhood. The COL difference amazes me! I still have an issue seeing myself as "poor" and when we drove up I told dh "I don't belong here! It's too nice!". Gotta change my thinking!
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