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Re: Not happy with our elementary school!

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
I would agree IF it wasn't a kindergartner and if the parents had the right information all along. Yes, he knows his dad but it was unsettling that the bus driver wasn't even sure of anything regarding his identity or his location.

Had we been told to contact the bus company directly ourselves, we would have. We were never told that but kept receiving the wrong information over and over.

I am hoping the principal can offer some answers. I am willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and hear them out.
Here, (DH is a bus driver) the drivers are given a paper with the NUMBER of students that should be at each spot and that's it. No names or anything, even for kindy

Originally Posted by musicalisa View Post
Pretty shady. Transportation issues are HUGE and the bus companies have a ton of responsibility, IMO. You can't rely on little kids who might not even be tall enough to see out the window to recognize their house and stop on the third day of school!!
I guess it depends on where you are. Here, the bus drivers are school system employees, not contracted or anything, it is part of the school system. And the drivers aren't responsible for knowing what kids are supposed to be on their bus, no one tells them. After they are on the route for a while, they know the kids, but it's not automatic that they would know anything, they go to the school, the school puts the kids on the right bus.

OP our school system has a transportation person at each school and they are out there as the teachers get the kids on the buses to tell the buses when to go or to wait for a kid, etc.
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