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Re: SO wants to know sex but you don't/vice versa?

Originally Posted by calleiah View Post
I kind of do... but then also want the surprise at birth as well. Im also kind of worried that I might be disappointed if I found out right now, but I know if I wait till birth theres no way there can be disappointment! It was a surprise in my last pregnancy up to 35 weeks when my doctor blew it with her big mouth. :/

Just FYI, this can backfire on you. With my last we were waiting to find out and people just refused to get me anything at all. Our church decided since we didn't know that they wouldnt do a shower, they'd wait till after the baby was born. I never did get a shower, which Im pretty sure is the first time a member has been shafted like that in the 13 years we went to that church. It was very disappointing and hurtful, especially since the stuff we needed was gender neutral stuff that all babies need, bottles, wipes, washclothes, etc. Nobody touched any of it.
I've known of several ladies who have been disappointed at birth too (even though they'd only ever admit it to an intimate group of friends)... if you're REALLY hoping for one sex over another, you'll probably be at least a little disappointed either way. That's so frustrating though that your doctor blew it last time! I actually have several IRL friends who had it blown for them too (by their doctors). Of course, I think most doctors are good about keeping it silent. It seems to me like you really want the surprise at the end though, so if your husband's on board, I say don't find out until birth day.

Also, that's awful about your church! We found out with DD, but I still registered for mostly gender neutral things other than clothes, and while some people got clothes (which was nice, because we still needed those), it was great getting all the gender neutral items.
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