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Re: SO wants to know sex but you don't/vice versa?

Originally Posted by kat216 View Post
This is exactly the situation my DH and I are in. I'm not averse to finding out, but if it were entirely up to me, we wouldn't. DH, however, really, really wants to know. My biggest reasons forgot wanting to find out are 1) I prefer gender neutral stuff anyway, and 2) I don't want our families to know, just because it rubs me the wrong way how they automatically start talking about the baby in a different way (like, oh she'll be a nice girl, he'll be a strong boy kind of thing). Plus, they knew my SIL was having a girl and she got all pink frilly dresses at the shower and nothing actually useful. I think our compromise is going to be find out, but not tell anyone!
This is what we're doing. We found out with both of our previous babies. this time, I thought it would be fun to wait, but DH said he could never do it. So then, when we started talking about names, we decided to keep the name we pick out a secret (which we had told that both times before as well). We decided to keep the name a secret, in part, so that we don't have to hear others' opinions, but I also, I think, because we know that this is our last baby and somehow it feels more special to us if we aren't sharing as much about this pregnancy with friends and family... I'm not sure if that makes sense or if I'm phrasing it right, though. For some reason, I feel like I don't want to share this baby with anyone other than DH - like if everyone around me already knows the gender AND knows the name, then it takes something away?

Anyway, after we decided to keep the name a secret, we both really quickly decided that we would keep the gender a secret too. So, I've just told everyone that we're not finding out. My parents are excited, since they're sort of old-school and never wanted to know gender in advance with any of their (9 and counting) grandchildren, but have been told in advance every time. The only person I would like to tell is DS, but at 6, he'd never be able to keep that secret, so we won't tell him either.
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