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Re: SO wants to know sex but you don't/vice versa?

Originally Posted by My_Tree_Grows View Post
Well ya know, sometimes baby is in the wrong position and the tech simply CAN'T identify the gender. Just a thought.
Yeah... I told him that (and thought of it in case baby still was in a good position) and he said "have the tech write down his best guess" MIL also said "they can poke and prod to get the baby to move." Our family is excited that we're waiting (well, the Grandparents are since "that's how it was in our day") and my mom isn't pushing for us to find out. I guess since the whole birth experience in general hubby doesn't want anything to do with I sorta feel like if he could care less about the other stuff (he's making me fund my own birth photographer and doula --- even though he's the one with the job, not me since taking care of 2 kiddos pays nothing ) and he only wants to make fun of my "hippie ways" then why would he get to know the sex of the baby if I want to wait... it was sorta the one thing I wanted really badly for him to be the one to announce the sex since he really does't even want to be in the room until I start pushing I also like the idea of people having to wait to find out until after we have baby stats (1 hr or so after baby is born). I dunno, I have a feeling if he's going to be super pissed at me for not finding out that I'll just have the tech bring up the sonogram and put the pic for hubby and give hubby the choice to look or not and let him know I really hope he choses to keep it a surprise and if he looks that'll be that. I guess part of me is going to be pissed if he tells anyone since it is a big deal to me (as dumb as that sounds ).

But.... since the ultrasound is scheduled for the day after my birthday maybe that'll be the one thing I ask for, for my b-day.... for him to keep it a surprise and not require me to get the info for him to find out.

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