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Microfiber inserts no longer absorbing?

Anyone had this problem? I THINK that's what's happening. After dealing with leaks (pocket diapers) and thinking maybe I was using too much detergent (repelling) I'm now thinking that the micro fiber inserts may not be absorbing as much as they used to...or at all! I have read mixed maybe this happens when you dry on high heat (oops). Anyone seen this before?

I have reduced the amount of tide we're using (original powder) added extra rinses, boiled, etc. and hand-scrubbed the fleece on each shell with blue I really don't think repelling is the problem. Sometimes pee just trickles down LO's leg (21 months) and the insert is hardly wet. We've got the best fit we can get (using one-sized dipes, with snaps). Am truly flummoxed!
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