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Re: Taking the bottle away and sleeping

well, when we took it away from our oldest (who just turned SEVEN!) we gave him nothing, it was a VERY rough couple of nights. i don't think it lasted more than a week though and it taught me with my next two, to just not let them have a bottle at night! that way we never had to take it away (although i suppose it really helped that neither of those two EVER liked a bottle). i don't know if there really is anything you can give him, other than some extra attention/cuddles while he's sad about it. Lame, but chances are he'll keep waking up for it for a loooong time if you don't just cut him off at some point...the good new is, he WILL eventually stop waking up and wanting it! Weather it's because you take it away or he just grows out of it, he will stop. Sometimes remembering that can help...
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