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Originally Posted by champatlife
our school has a bus transportation # that handles everything. You call give them your address, they tell you the bus number and pick up/drop off times. I have always put a 3x5 notecard in my DD's book bag with her name, school name, teacher, bus number, our address and contact information, in case she "forgot" or got stressed out when someone asks her. I check everyday to make sure that card is still in her bag (her first day of school it wasn't, so she used it) so I remade it, and slipped it back in and told her, where it was. Last year when she was in kindergarten, I made two when she first started school one for her bag, and one for her pocket.
I think that's a great idea. When my 4 year old was allowed to wander off to the bathroom alone in our very large church, she ended up back in the wrong room. The next day, I sharpied my name and number on her leg. A card probably wouldn't have been as overkill

Originally Posted by shrijnana
First, how scary! I'd be really angry too if my 5 yo was put on a bus without the bus driver being informed where he should be going. And that the bus driver let him off without correct verification. A 5 yo might know who his dad is, but can't necessarily know whether there's a special custody/supervision arrangement in place; they know their neighbors, but whether a particular neighbor is a safe person to go with or not. It IS the bus driver's job to make sure that such a young child is let off the bus to the proper person..
I was thinking this while reading, but I know my propensity for thinking the worst and I thought it was just me. My daughter definitely knows who we are. But she also knows who her grandmother (who only visits supervised, in our home) looks like, as well as my husband's very dangerous unstable sister who loves to buy people's affection and attention with toys, candy, and princess dresses. So that's just another reason why I'm glad that we are able to work out drop off and pickup.
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