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Re: Affairs (Physical and emotional)

I don't know if this would be something you'd want to think about but... I read this story once about someone in a similar situation - hubs wasn't into the marriage any more, wife wanted to keep her family intact. The basics of the story was that she let her dh go. I can't recall if he actually moved out but I think he did. He went and did his thing, came and went {he wasn't allowed to take advantage of the coming and going... had to give her notice, be respectful, ect}, saw the kids when he wanted to. In the meantime she prayed for him and went about her life. I'm assuming he kept paying for the house and whatnot...
Eventually {I think it was like 6mo or so} he decided that the grass wasn't really greener elsewhere, that he was tired of the dating scene, and that he loved his wife and missed his kids - and started courting her again and they saved their marriage. It was a great story. I'm sure it may not work for everyone, and some straying partners may decide the proverbial grass is indeed greener on the other side but... you'd have to search your heart and see if it's worth a shot. I'm sure it's not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I just remember reading some of the comments and many many ppl were wishing that they had done this, given their partner a time out or whatever, before divorcing; they were saying it very well might have saved their family.
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