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Re: Microfiber inserts no longer absorbing?

Originally Posted by babycat42 View Post
I guess I will be in the minority. I prefer older microfiber. It feels rougher and absorbs faster. I think new microfiber doesn't hold nearly as much. The older mf also holds the moisture in tighter and the new mf can squish it out easier(compression leaks.) I think you should wash your inserts alone with double the soap once or twice with bleach.
I always dry my mf on super hot.
I think you might try washing them with a different detergent too. Think of how great your hair feels when you switch shampoos. Some detergents don't attack every kind of soil there is out there. Don't give up on your Mf!
This has been my experience thus far. I bought some new ones thinking the old ones surely needed replacing...instead the weren't as absorbant and I got compression leaks...but I am still a newbie.
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