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Originally Posted by Caz
Nice to read that other mamas are NOT feeling movement since I just posted on FB about this. Weeks ago I swore I was feeling something every few days, but the last 1-2 weeks I haven't felt anything that I think is the baby. It makes me nervous, even though I'm only 15+ weeks and it would be more uncommon if I WAS feeling it. It's making me regret my decision to go 6wks between midwife appointments, though. Next week's appt cannot come soon enough!
Don't worry, the exact same thing happened to me. I was feeling swishes and occasional thumps at night when I laid down from 10-12 weeks, then nothing for 3 weeks. Then dh squashed me (being goofy, didn't hurt anything), and baby started moving up a storm. I'm 15w2d, and if nothing squashes me to set baby off, I only feel occasional swishes if I'm paying still and paying CLOSE attention. I felt my first at 16 weeks, and my second at 12, so the last few weeks with no notice movements were starting to get to me. But I think it's totally normal at this stage, with the uterus changing so much and the baby having extra room to move around.
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