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Re: Dealing with pregnancy exhaustion and caring for littles

Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
Are you teaching K to your 5y/o? We spend about 45 minutes with 5y/o's, I have w/ all my K kids and about an hour w/ my 1st graders. Ahhh, the days If you did nothing w/ your 5y/o until after baby was born and you had time to recover. I give it 6-8 weeks, it would not matter. I am telling from the perspective of the other side. I have two that graduated this past May, one in college. Don't be so hard on yourself. Also, we do school 4 days a week, day 5, Friday, is cleaning, menu planning and errands.
Yes, K to my 5yo and very (very) light prek with the 4 yo. My 4yo is starting speech therapy and special education itinerate services 5 days a week next week (they come to our home in our state) I'm interested/nervous to see how that makes things just a tad more chaotic. We're pretty relaxed with our homeschool. I have a basic idea of what I want to accomplish during the day and we sort of just go about it at our own pace. Usually interrupted by laundry, meals, clean-up, errands, etc. Did I also mention that we have an 8wk old puppy? LOL! My house is a circus right now. I really do feel a little bit better today. I think the vitamins were lacking. I always avoid supplements/vitamins because of the stomach issues and I just try to pay more attention to what kind of nutrients I'm taking in with my meals, but I think I just need the extra oomph from an additional supplement right now.
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