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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Sept 1st - 15th)


I have a "friend" that is always saying rude things. I wasn't going to tell her about my most recent miscarriage, but I went ahead and told her (after I was pregnant with this baby), and she didn't even acknowledge what I said...she just looked at me, and started talking about something else.

Then, when I told her that we were waiting to tell people about this baby...she said that she thought it better to tell people you were pregnant, even if you miscarry, rather than to tell people after you miscarry that you miscarried. (she has never had a loss). I told her that maybe as the person receiving that news (that your friend had miscarried when you didn't know they were pregnant) it is harder to hear that, BUT as the person who has lost a baby, it is much easier to tell people that you miscarried (who didn't know you were pregnant) than to tell people you are pregnant, and then loose the baby and have to go back and tell people.

Grrrr....she is just a very insensitive person, totally oblivious, and only thinks of herself in just about every situation. I try to be nice to her, but I hardly spend any time with her anymore...not so much because she badmouth's people, but because she is ALWAYS bragging and comparing herself/her kids to other people and quite frankly, I'm sick of it!

there are a host of other reasons as well...but it would take too long to write them

I feel bad "breaking up" with a friend...but that has basically what I have chosen to do.
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