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Re: I know I have 2 more months yet, but I am DONE!

Originally Posted by wrappingmama View Post
YOUR NOT done!!

I have been on bed-rest for 9 weeks with my twins---I am hoping to keep them in every single day, I cry when I think about my premature babies hooked up to a zillion tubes.

I was 80 percent effaced, zeron station and 4cm last time I went in, I avoid sneezing---LOL.

NO one is done here ladies I hope we all have fat healthy babies.....

Sending lots of love!!
I totally get what you are saying. I've had 2 sets of twins. I've been on hospital bedrest and I've gone into PTL. I've been significantly dilated for several weeks. (I was 3 at 32 when I went into labor, then 4 33, then 5 at 34 which landed me in the hospital. I delivered at 36...this was my second set of twins. I was on bedrest with the first set also, but only in the hospital for 24hrs.) I get what you are feeling. The sheer terror of knowing that any minute you could deliver and your babies aren't ready yet. When I realized I was in REAL labor at 32wks, the panic that set in was extreme. Even when my first set was delivered at 35 with no warning at all, which is considered a "safe" time for twins, panic set in that I wasn't far enough along. My discomfort was extreme especially with the second set. I was contracting (hard) frequently and consistently for many weeks (started around 18wks with the second set and they were strong and frequent by about 26). With the second set, I swelled so badly that even the nurses would comment that they had never seen anything like it. I was in serious pain. By 33 or 34wks, I was done...just done. Did that mean, I wanted them to actually be delivered? NO WAY!!!! But, I was very ready for it to be over. When I had to have my water broken at 36wks (which by then I could hardly walk because of the swelling) because of pre-e, I really didn't want to do it. I was in SO much pain from the swelling and contractions, but I did NOT want my babies to come before they were ready. Unfortunately, it really was time for me to give in. So, I totally understand what you are saying. Twins is hard. But, even one baby can be pretty uncomfortable. (Believe me because I'm pregnant with one this time and I'm miserable despite feeling like that is ridiculous since I only have one baby in here.) Just because we are ready to be done with the pregnancy does not mean we actually want preemie babies or to deliver early. We just want to complain and then get this over with through gritted teeth as fast as we can make time fly. LOL.

Great job keeping those babies cooking!!! Keep them cooking for as long as you possibly can. 36wks is average for twins and usually babies that gestation go home, but I had one have to stay in the NICU for 11 days. He wasn't ready. I know you are doing all you can. I just wanted to remind you of how important what you are doing is. And, please feel free to PM me. Like I said, I've had 2 sets of twins and BTDT. It won't be long now and it's SO worth it.

OP - I completely agree. I actually feel completely guilty for feeling this way. My previous 2 pregnancies were twins. I feel like this should be totally easy and I should be breezing through. Nope! I am miserable and I unhappy and cranky. My uterus is SO super sensitive and I'm sick of it. I have a LOT of contractions which is part of my history. I can't be touched because if anyone touches me anywhere near my uterus I contract and it hurts. This is my 5th. I have 28 month old twins. They are all over me all the time and I just want to push them away. And, I get some sort of sensory issue when I'm pregnant. It literally makes my skin crawl to be touched, especially on my legs. I feel like this correlates to my restless leg syndrome that drives me bonkers. I don't have any real issues either. We expected that my BP might go up because I have a history of it, but it hasn't. I failed my one hour glucose, but passed my 3 hr with flying colors. I feel like I should be "good to go," but I'm so uncomfortable and miserable. Other than the swelling mentioned above, I feel like I'm just as uncomfortable as I was with my twins. How can that be??? Ugh! So, I feel you. You definitely are not alone in your "doneness."
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