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I could use some input here.

We are not a 'gaming' family (DH and I never play them) but my DS enjoys them. So over the years we've been given and bought quite a bit of gaming stuff. He only plays them once in a while, I don't have a problem with that. But he is extremely territorial about them and it's creating a lot of conflict between him and my DD (who is too young to play them, but wants to mess with the controllers). I am really getting fed up with the conflict it's creating.

I got rid of the Play Station a few months ago, but I am now considering selling the Wii, the Nintendo DS, and the games, of which there are many. I am willing, for now, to keep the Nintendo DSiXL because he uses it as a camera, movie maker, math practice, and to play chess. So I feel like that one has some merit. But I reformatted the others and have boxed them up. There is a game store in my area that will buy them. Probably not for much, as they are old, but it's something.

Does this seem too drastic? I do worry about winter time, as sometimes the video games are nice to have when it's cold outside...does anyone else have experience with getting rid of the video games? Were you glad? Were they missed?

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