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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Sept 1st - 15th)

Originally Posted by Edensmomma View Post
When I lost my baby at 15 weeks, people said to me ''At least your have children'' and comments similar. It made me feel like I had no right to grieve, even though I did. My answer to that is ''If you Mother died, and I said 'At least you still have your Father' would that comforting or helpful to you?'' Most people shut their mouths after that.

My own Mom said some pretty crappy things to me to. My cousin had a stillborn little girl weeks before I lost my baby and my own mother told me that my loss at 15 weeks wasn't ''nearly as bad'' as my cousins loss because she was so much further along than I and had more time to bond. Um, I nearly DIED when I lost my baby. I had to be rushed to the Emergency room with uncontrolled bleeding and emergency surgery to stop it. I refused a blood transfusion but it was recommended. How is that even relevant? A loss is a loss and they all hurt equally as much. I don't love my baby any less because I was ''only'' 15 weeks pregnant when I lost her. People can really suck sometimes.

That especially stinks coming from your own mom. Did she ever miscarry? Was she trying (and failing) to be supportive?
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