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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Sept 1st - 15th)

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
Elena, so sorry about your parents. It's a real shame, because one would hope that parents would be some of the most supportive people in our lives.

Man, venting felt good. Thanks for listening to my rant.
Exactly. Although my parents have always been this way all my life, so it doesn't really surprise me... just disappoints me and makes me sad.

Vent away. It feels good to get it off your chest, eh? And to know that we have all had at least one thoughtless/hurtful/rude comment made to us about our losses. We all understand.

Originally Posted by happymama1 View Post
I feel bad "breaking up" with a friend...but that has basically what I have chosen to do.
I was so shocked when this friend said that, and then promptly walked away... I couldn't say or think or feel anything about it for a couple weeks. And now I haven't seen her since then, so I don't really know how I feel about it or how I will deal with her when/if I do see her.
She wasn't a superclose friend, but I considered her a friend. The women who I didn't even know were more supportive than she was, though!

My good friend was amazingly supportive - through our losses, she has been there to talk to, to listen to me talk, to offer a hug. One Sunday, after Elliana, I had a breakdown during/after the service and she just came and sat beside me, her arm around me, while I cried. She didn't say anything, she didn't try to get me to talk. She just sat and held me until I was able to stop crying.
And when I have told her about our m/c, she and her DH have given us hugs and cards - they understand, and they care. That means a lot.

She also bought me a pretty flower at the beginning of June (when Elliana was due) because "It's June. You need flowers." :happpytear:

Originally Posted by Edensmomma View Post
A loss is a loss and they all hurt equally as much. I don't love my baby any less because I was ''only'' 15 weeks pregnant when I lost her. People can really suck sometimes.

Originally Posted by ChocolateMoose View Post
Seriously, this just makes me mad for you! Like it's somehow all about them being victims of you and your evil plans to misunderstand them and cause them to lose grandchildren they didn't want?!?!?

Any chance of living near your ILs and not your own family? It's amazing what living 1,200 miles away has done to improve my relationship with my family!
Actually, we live in the middle of Canada. My family is all on the east coast, and DH's parents & siblings are all on the west coast - well, were. MIL got a job teaching in the town north of us and they're moving now! Very happy about that!

Originally Posted by emeyer76 View Post
So today I'm not really nauseous and I had enough energy to run errands all morning with DH and DS. That of course scares me a bit, but one day at a time.... I'll just try to think happy thoughts until I have a solid reason not to. Easier said than done, as I know you all understand
totally kwym. I hate this m/s. But I know when I start having a good day here and there I'm going to drive myself crazy with worry!
At the same time - kinda hoping I start having those odd good days maybe this week. I've heard that 7 weeks is the peak of m/s, and I vaguely remember having a few good days off and on last time, so hopefully they'll start this week... followed quickly by some normal movements.
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