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Re: does anyone have a sucessful Ebay store?

I have amazing news!!! I called ebay and they increased my seller limits to 50 items. I didn't expect them to because I've only been selling for a month (been buying for at least a few years though) but I am thrilled they did. Plus like some other posters mentioned my spare bedroom is looking like a hoarders den, I really need to unload some of my "inventory."

Also the lady that I think marked my anthro shirt gave me a really good rating so I don't feel as bitter. I would have been really upset if she had given me a negative after all of my nice customer service and paying return shipping.

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Toner-now the guy is saying it is printing out grey and that's what happens when it has been refilled. But he never did send me proof. He wants to return it, and I said I'd pay return shipping WITH PROOF but I'm not gonna pay return shipping with no proof. THis is going to end bad me thinks.
What a butt head... is your feedback high enough that you can take a hit? I hate buyers that try to scam sellers, it's not like the people selling are millionaires (for the most part). For some reason it's worse when you are trying to scam people who are just trying to make a little extra money vs. a big business.
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