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Re: does anyone have a sucessful Ebay store?

Originally Posted by B's Mommy View Post
So shipped 4 packages this morning, 2 that paid yesterday, and 2 that paid early this morning...then someone JUST paid...I really hope they don't knock me for a long shipping time, because their package won't go out until Tuesday now because of the holiday. My post office doesn't have a package drop off area, and they are only open from 9-11 on Saturdays! She bought them like 3 days ago too...why can't people just pay right away?? I've never even considered NOT paying right away!
I don't understand not paying right away either. You know that once they pay if you took your sweet time shipping, like they did paying, they would have a big hissy fit
Originally Posted by swankybaby View Post
woohoo found this today at a small TS for $1

and this for 50 cents!

not bad for my first day back in a while!
Nice!! I remember hearing somewhere a while back that loveys sell well on Ebay...all those people who's baby has lost their favorite security toy will pay big bucks for a replacement! I need to remember to look through the stuffed toys for things like these.
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