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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of August 20th

And now I have to add something. I just got a call from the PA in my RE's office. She got my test results looked over my chart, and is just as nervous about my numbers as the dr was. I thought doubling was good but she was also concerned with how low it is. She doesn't want me to wait until Tues. or Wed. So I will be going up to the hospital tomorrow for another blood draw. Then again Tues. I guess I have to go in to the ER and they will call the lab for a draw. Otherwise I"d have to drive an hour and a half to their office just for a blood draw so I"m glad they can do it here in town through the ER. Oh, and she wants me in next week for an early ultrasound. That is so odd to me? Why would you do a 5 week ultrasound knowing you'll only see an empty sac? What's the point? That's just going to freak me out even more. I thought once you got a BFP the stress of TTC was suppose to be over, I think this is so much worse right now.
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