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Re: Video games

My kids are young (8,6,4) but we have only had a Wii their whole lives. We do own about a half dozen games, but once the kids figured out you could check them out at the library, we have pretty much stopped buying them. They know other systems exist, and that there are handheld gaming things, but they've never asked for any and have been totally content with what we have. We make them take turns, and the other two are hands off when the third is playing, unless they have agreed to play a multi-player game. That helps on the younger ones crashing the oldest's (or DH's, LOL) progress.

But I think since we set that up as an expectation from the beginning, and have always given them a lot of other options (books, board games, puzzles, outdoor toys, arts and crafts supplies, cook with mama, etc) they've never really asked for anything else. I think it would have been a lot harder to pare them down if we had everything first. And also I am aware when they get older, their friends may influence them towards more gaming options. But I think if we keep giving them lots of other things to do, it will still remain less important.
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