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Re: Schedule/routine

We are still perfecting it, now that we have DS to get ready in the morning too!

6:30 - DH and I wake up, one of us hops in shower while other one wakes up DD (4yrs od)
6:45 - I get DD dressed/ready for daycare, DH is out of shower, DH wakes up DS (5m old), then hop in shower
7:00 - DS gets dressed/fed (usually by me but sometimes DH)
7:20 - I finish getting ready
7:30 - we play in the living room until its time to leave (I leave around 7:45, DH takes kids to daycare and leaves about 7:55)
4:30 - I pick up DD and DS from daycare
5:00 - get DD a quick snack, play on floor with DS while she eats, we usually color, puzzles, finishes art project form daycare
5:30 - I start dinner while kids play in dining room (right off of kitchen and in sight always with baby)
6:00 - DH gets home, takes kids so I can finish up/get supper ready
6:15 - dinner usually
6:40 - done eating, either get DS ready for bed/bottle or play a bit first, or DS bath
7:00 - DS eats and goes down for night/DD plays
7:30 - DD bath if its bathnight or just gets ready for bed/watch a show before bed
8:00 - DD goes down, one of us stays in there until she's asleep, usually until 8:40 ish
8:45 - ahh us time...finally!
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