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The judge ordered him to pay $30 a week until he finds a job or January 1st hits, then it reverts back to $115 a week. The judge asked me if I was okay with that and I told him $30 a week isn't enough, IMO. I think it's unfair because if I threw in $30 a week too, then I wouldn't get very far. I can't say "well I spent your money this week already, you can't have never underwear or there's no more food". I told him I felt like I was being punished for being the responsible parent who stuck around and takes care of her everyday. I told the judge I felt it was unfair because if you look at the differences in our households you'd see that I bust my butt to take care of my DD everyday and I don't have nearly close to the amount of stuff he has and I think it's unfair that he can stand there and say he can't afford support, but owns 4 cars, just bought a $20,000 one, has boats, etc. The judge said he understood, but this gave my daughters father an incentive to get a job now (and referred him to ANOTHER local get you to work program.

He told the judge that he wasn't working still, but had been looking for a job, to which I said "submitting one application in 2 years isn't really looking" and he claimed health issues (mainly his back) and the judge said "well that's the excuse you gave me 18 months ago as well". After court I told him if he lost weight he wouldn't have back issues, but I wasn't so nice in the words that I used towards him. I'm just frustrated. I was paying for everything myself and barely keeping us afloat, now I'm losing over $300 a month in my budget and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm frustrated with his mom & his girlfriend. Apparently they are the ones that have been paying his bills. Instead of saying "hey get off of your butt & get a job" they buy him a $20,000 car (I know the price because he bragged about it). He already has 4 other vehicles. How about they pay a reasonable amount of child support? Make sure all his kids are taken care of first? But they don't (nor is it really their responsibility). It just frustrates me is all. He kept referring to her as "your daughter" too...he wasn't like "our daughter" ugh
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