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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Sept 1st - 15th)

It's okay, I get what you're saying. It's always possible, and if so we'll take what comes like with everything else. In this case (although I could be wrong) I really think it's the placenta which will mask movement and the baby's heartbeat. It's like when I move the doppler up past a certain point it's like I'm suddenly trying to get through a wall and I can't hear anything but my own loud heartbeat and a wooshing. I had the baby move from low yesterday (where for a few seconds I had a great heartbeat up top (which I can feel since I'm too skinny) and then I couldn't get a heartbeat. Something has to be in the way because I know the baby is alive. With my limited knowledge, the placenta being in the way is one possibility. I can also feel my heartbeat in my skin around there (which is weird) and has never happened. As far as I know I've only had posterior placentas before so finding a heartbeat and feeling movement has always been easy. It does freak me out too, and everything someone else says can bring up good/bad memories. I did some reading on it last night and it made me feel better about the whole thing. Some women weren't feeling movement until really, really late and another woman said they couldn't get a heartbeat even with the doppler consistently until after 34 weeks. I still have those moments where I feel like everything is going to go wrong, but they aren't overwhelming me at the moment.

I'm really, really glad your MIL was so awesome about it and got it. That's great!

I lost my 2lbs, back down to my lowest at 120lbs. I don't know what else to do. I just can't get in enough calories that are good. I'm hitting the store, might try an avocado again and see if I can stomach it this time. Speaking of which, time to go eat breakfast.
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