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Re: DH gets the V tomorrow...

My husband just made his appointment too and I have really mixed feelings about it. I 100% know it is the right choice for us, but I still feel sad, KWIM? I think it is the whole "last baby" thing and watching my 18 month old walking and talking and seeing how fast she is growing. My older two are 10 and 7, and I can't believe how quickly that time has gone by!

While we wait for his surgery and after, until we get the "all clear" we're using condoms, which slightly terrifies me. I'm so worried about condom failure. It still kind of amazes me to think of the permanency of a vasectomy though.

We don't have a big enough car for another, and would really struggle to afford daycare for two at a time. It isn't like I could wait a few years until my youngest is in school either, I'm almost 40. And I love my kids like crazy but having 3 and being an elementary school teacher I sometimes feel like I don't have any time just to be with adults.

I think biology just wants me to want another, lol.
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