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Re: What cues do you see?

Originally Posted by mel j View Post
Right after he wakes up in the morning he gets wide eyes and usually has to pee & poo. I haven't been doing naked time though I do let him be diaper free when we are in the kitchen but I usually have a diaper on him b/c it's hard to get every pee with 2 other LO's to look after. We often use a "prefold belt" (just a waist band from an old pair of baby pants, actually) and a prefold so we can tell right away when he's wet and he can be changed right away. So he doesn't like it when he's wet and usually will fuss when he pees in a diaper (though not always.)

So you could start off simple... like after she wakes up in the morning or from a nap.

I'm also wondering how old she is b/c that can be helpful for giving advice with EC
Glad that I'm not the only one trying to EC with two LO's running around the house! I've got to get in more nakie time in, too. This is my first time ECing with my almost 1 month old. Just tired of searching for diapers and washing them all the time!
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