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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

Originally Posted by wordbox View Post
Yeah, I'm another in the not a minimalist camp... but my goal is a decluttered, organized, tidy, simpler home.

Basically, I am realizing how much clutter affects my moods. I hate when I feel like we can't have people over, or how I feel/felt when people dropped by unexpectedly. It's nice seeing clear spaces in our house.

Our children are one of my biggest motivators. I want our kids to be able to play freely and not be weighed down by stuff. I want them to be able to find the toys or supplies they are looking for. In the future, I want them to be able to bring friends over and not feel embarrassed. I want them to develop good habits. I want them to find value in experiences, not stuff.

I don't hoard, but I do find myself buying too much, shopping too often (retail therapy!), and getting emotionally attached to things. I would like to work on that, and I'm definitely getting better since I started the decluttering journey.

I also don't want to be a slave to our house. Less stuff means less cleaning. A simplified home and home routine will give me more time with my family. And I'll be more willing to let them make messes and have fun when I know it will be easy to get back to normal.
You put this so well! This is me and the reasons why I want to get rid of stuff - unfortunately we are still at the point where we aren't there yet and it is keeping us from having people over.
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