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I recommend a lot of liquids (water, juice, whatever), a potty, no undies/pants (boys can run around in a big t-shirt), and you go spend the day in the back yard. Whenever they start to go you whisk the potty under neath them or sit them on it. If they are alarmed about sitting down let them stand, eventually they'll realize it's ok to sit. If they are unwilling to sit let them have special games or books that are only reserved for sitting on the potty time.

We spent about 3 days like this, just hanging out side with the potty and some juice. When we successfully had pee or poop in the potty we'd cheer to the skies. If not we'd say, "Oh well, that was good practicing!" By the end of the first day my children started sitting on the potty on their own. By about 7 days they were getting to it 99% of the time successfully. I never used any timers, they learned to recognize their own signals. I followed them everywhere with the potty for a while so that we could have as many successes as possible. Each success builds on itself. Yes it's kind of exhausting for a while there, but so worth it. They are so proud of themselves.

The reason I like to do it outside is because then I don't have to clean up any accidents. This helps me be more relaxed. It's very important to be vigilant but still calm. If you are getting annoyed about cleaning up carpet it kind of defeats that.

If you are ready and you go armed with the right info it doesn't need to be a big hassle. You can do it! Good luck
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