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Re: Moving Saturday!

move went great! my old neighbor and IL's helped us and we got it all done. And guess what? I'm almost done unpacking! I can't even believe it! I think it is because I got rid of so much! It's super late, but I want to get it done, so may stay up to finish the last little bit. I was motivated to get it all done b.c tomorrow I want to go thrift store shopping and Tuesday back to work! I wanted the house to be clean and organized and functional so I do not worry about the baby and toddler getting into everything or getting hurt. Even unpacking I got rid of more stuff. I went through my keepsakes stuff and realized I kept a lot of stuff I do not actually care about. I also went through my girls school boxes (stuff I keep over the years) and tossed some of that too. And I have a box of stuff to take to work with me on Tuesday for my classroom. And I found some mini dry erase board erasers that I have been looking for for the last year! LOL
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